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Stage Two Colorectal Cancer Turned Terminal Following Chemotherapy ...

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Henry (T 546, not authentic identify) is a colon cancer recurrence 52-year-old male. Henry was asked to endure one more surgery to get rid of the contaminated kidney but he declined.

On four April 2006 a colonic biopsy confirmed recurrence of the colon cancer. The health care provider had to install a stent in his colon to avert tumour from blocking the passageway. CT scan also confirmed existence of a one.5 cm nodule in segment eight of his liver. There was a little hypodense emphasis in section three suspicious of a new lesion.

On 15 July 2006, a CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis was finished. It confirmed a two cm mass in the mid rectum extending up to the rectosigmoid junction. The report confirmed the moment yet again a recurrent carcinoma of the rectosigmloid area with nearby infiltration and metastasis to the lungs, liver and left ureter.

Henry underwent 3 cycles of chemotherapy and each and every treatment cycle price him about RM 15,000. However the remedy was not helpful. The oncologist advised more chemotherapy making use of a various drug regiment. This new treatment method charges RM twenty five,000 per cycle. Henry had two cycles of this treatment method and grew to become fully bald. He engineered acne with pus all about his deal with and some areas of his physique. He was offered antibiotics by a dermatologist but his affliction worsened.

On seven March 2007, MRI of the lumber spine indicated a number of focal bony metatasis involving the sacrum and illium. There was also direct involvement of the urinary bladder. A biopsy of the bladder tumor performed on 30 March 2007 indicated a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma and was very likely to be an extension from a colorectal tumor. In essence, Henry ended with far more cancer unfold -- this time to his urinary bladder and bone.

Henry explained his health professionals put in three stents in his system -- two colonic stents and a person stent for his kidney to prevent further tumor blockage. Henry was asked to undergo far more chemotherapy or radiotherapy. He declined and arrived to request our help instead.

Feedback: This is a unfortunate story indeed. Permit me position out that Henry began off with a Stage 2 colorectal cancer with out any metastasis in any way. Immediately after surgical procedure and chemotherapy his lot of money turned for the even worse. Assess this tale with other scenarios that I have related previously. These men and women had extra really serious cancer than Henry but they declined chemotherapy. And they did not have any recurrence or metastasis. The problem is: "Why not recurrence or metastasis."

This has constantly been my hunch all along after observing sufferers for much more than a decade: "Could chemotherapy have triggered all these metastasis and havoc?" I have no way to argue for the reason that I have no info to support by observation. The colon cancer recurrence scientists wrote: "The repopulation and progression of tumours just after anti-cancer treatment (such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical treatment) is a well-recognised phenomenon." Is this study appropriate to Henry's circumstance?

Louisiana State University scientists discovered that curry inhibits cancer cell motion and can even ruin some colon cancer recurrence scaled-down cancer cells.

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